VFAF issues Boycott New York statement

2-21-24 BOYCOTT NEW YORK NOW!! We the People must take a stand against the tyrannical State of New York. Veterans For America First , Veterans For Trump calls for a complete boycott of the State of New York. Our nation has a long history of “Voting with Our feet,” and “Voting with Our purses” when […]

VFAF endorsement of Marine Colonel Chris Banweg for congress (OH-13)

2-20-24 “Colonel Banweg has served this country , he will serve the people of Ohio and implement America First policy in congress. Chris Banweg is the true America First candidate in the race and he has our full support and endorsement ” said Stan Fitzgerald VFAF President. Chris Banweg is a business executive and a […]

General Flynn with VFAF’s Chad Caton share stage in Kentucky Patriotic Revival

2-19-24 “A Patriotic American Revival” presented by RWFF Kentucky featured General Flynn and VFAF National Operations Director Chad Caton. The event was packed and Caton introduced the general to a standing ovation. VFAF Ambassador Lucretia Hughes was also a featured speaker , VFAF Ambassador Diana Starr organized the event. The event was broadcast live on […]

VFAF Endorsement of DJ Swearingen Ohio state rep (OH89) for re-election

2-19-24 VFAF is announcing the endorsement of Ohio State Rep DJ Swearingen (OH-89) for re-election. “DJ is a patriot who has proven with his vote and bills he will fight for America First. We need more conservative lawyers in elected office. Its important to hold this seat for DJ he has our full support and […]

Endorsement of Tim Sheehy for Montana Senate

2-16-24 “Tim is a veteran and business owner that knows how to lead , he will fight for America First and Donald Trump , he has our full support and endorsement” said Stan Fitzgerald president. Tim Sheehy is a father, husband, combat veteran, a patriot, and an entrepreneur. He completed several deployments and hundreds of […]

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