Michael Alfaro and Chad Caton quoted in most read liberal SC Paper “Post and Courier” shutting down Rank Choice Voting

1-26-24 *Thumb photo – Michael Alfaro working on defeating Rank Choice voting with Sarah Palin Press ; https://www.postandcourier.com/politics/ranked-choice-south-carolina-voting-elections/article_bc4c6f50-bb9f-11ee-8451-e39f1f70e664.html From the article : Others argued that the effort could disenfranchise voters who could not understand the ballot, seemingly comparing it to the literacy tests deployed to keep Black voters from voting during the Jim Crow era. […]

VFAF endorsement of SC Rep Robert J. “Rob” Harris

1-26-24 “Rep Harris has endorsed Trump for 47 and fights for election integrity at VFAF he has our full support and endorsement” said Stan Fitzgerald President Visit Rep Harris’s Website at https://www.harrisforsc.com/about/

TEAM TRUMP / VFAF Press Conference 1-25-24 South Carolina

1-25-24 1-23-24 VFAF President Stan Fitzgerald received a call from Team Trump asking if we could dispatch a team to the SC State House to protest rank choice voting and support election integrity bills by Rep. Rob Harris. The reply from Fitzgerald was : If anyone can fill a building in SC on short notice […]

Colonel Ghannon Burton endorsed by VFAF for MS US Senate

1-24-24 Retired Marine Colonel, MS State Grad, F-18 Pilot,Top Gun Graduate, USAF Test Pilot Graduate, Commander, Bronze Star and Air Medal recipient. US Senate Candidate “Col. Burton served his country with valor and will uphold America First values in the senate , he has our full endorsement and support.” said Stan Fitzgerald VFAF President

SC TEAM TRUMP / VFAF Launch Trump Tuesdays with largest state turn out.

1-23-24 SC VFAF Veterans for Trump working with Team Trump launch Trump Tuesdays. The weekly event will entertain and motivate Trump campaign volunteers and bring in new sign ups for Trump Talk phone banks. SC Trump campaign senior officials confirmed the VFAF primary watch party was the largest in the state. Influencer and Trump impersonator […]

Steve Bannon named VFAF Vets for Trump Hero of The Month

Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump have named Steve Bannon Hero of The Month for January 2024 said Stan Fitzgerald VFAF President PRESS LINK : https://www.einpresswire.com/article/683095385/steve-bannon-named-hero-of-the-month-by-vfaf-veterans-for-trump-annouced-stan-fitzgerald-president Steve Bannon is an American Hero and true patriot who will never stop fighting for this country. It is our honor at VFAF Veterans for Trump to […]

CJ PEARSON endorsement by VFAF for GA-125 special election

1-22-24 VFAF Veterans for Trump has issued an endorsement of CJ Pearson for Georgia state house 125 special election. CJ has been a fighter for Trump and our movement for many years , he has done incredible things for Saving America. CJ has endorsed Trump and he has our full support and endorsement. ”— Stan […]

Border Invasion – An American Crisis scheduled for Streaming release in March with media blitz by Salem starting soon. Georgia’s VFAF Tiffany Savage and Jared Craig to tour with private screenings. VFAF’s Chad Caton to do media hits.

1-21-24 Border Invasion – An America Crisis is produced in partnership with VFAF Veterans for Trump. The film will promote a secure border under a Trump administration and the media blitz will also help promote Victor Avila and his bid to overtake the establishment incumbent in the Texas primary. VFAF National operations director Chad Caton […]

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