Jared Craig VFAF Veterans for Trump spoke at Georgia Freedom Caucus Rally with GA Senator Colton Moore

9-8-23 From the press room of L-Strategies : The official press of Veterans for Trump https://fox59.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/654559136/vfaf-veterans-for-trump-spoke-at-georgia-freedom-caucus-rally-with-ga-senator-colton-moore/ The Georgia Freedom Caucus director ,Mallory Staples , held a rally yesterday at the state capital in Atlanta which took place after Senator Colton Moore’s press conference on calling for a special session in Georgia to address Fani Willis. […]

Moore Capito WV Gov candidate misleading voters into thinking he is a veteran.

9-8-23 West Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Moore Capito (R), son of Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), features a photo of himself on his campaign website that appears aimed at misleading voters into thinking he is a veteran. The photo, which appears in the “Get to Know Moore” section of his campaign website, features Moore wearing a […]

Ret. Major Gerald Malloy joins VFAF Veterans for Trump as ambassador

9-7-23 PRESS LINK : https://www.einnews.com/amp/pr_news/654349691/ret-major-gerald-malloy-joins-vfaf-veterans-for-trump-as-ambassador-and-hints-at-2024-vt-senate-run Ret. Major Gerald Malloy joins VFAF Veterans for Trump as ambassador and hints at 2024 VT senate run Gerald Malloy of Vermont joins Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump as Ambassador announced president Stan Fitzgerald Major Malloy was endorsed by former President Trump, and VFAF Veterans for Trump, […]

Kelly Loeffler and Byron Donalds invite VFAF to participate in Georgia strategy discussion with leading state influencers

9-6-23 Thank you to Senator Kelly Loeffler @KLoeffler and Congressman Byron Donalds @ByronDonalds for inviting VFAF @Vets_4_Trump with some of Georgia’s most influential to discuss both national and state strategy. Kelly with Greater Georgia @GreaterGeorgia is doing amazing work on the ground in Georgia and Congressman Donalds as always shows to be our leading conservative […]

Harrison Floyd named VFAF Veterans for Trump Hero of the Month September 2023

9-1-23 Veteran Harrison Floyd named hero of the month, and appointed Ambassador, to Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump Harrison Floyd, a combat veteran, who was recently indicted in Georgia with former President Trump has been named Ambassador and Hero of the Month by VFAF Veterans for Trump announced Stan Fitzgerald president of […]

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